Live Log Viewer

If you want to know what's happening in your web site to be prepared against any potential bug, then you need to look into your logs. This module allows you to monitor in real time the activity of your logs within EPiServer. Live Log Viewer Installation The module is available for download and installation as  …

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Publishing Descendant Pages

Batch publish is very useful when you do big updates. It is almost impossible to handle one hundred or more of documents one by one. This has been one of the more frequently requested ones and finally it is here. The process scans for all possible changes in the related descendant pages and publish them.  …

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Content Output Caching – Part 3

It is possible to easily cache the rendering of a web page using a custom condition by setting a custom string, which ASP.NET will vary the output by. To test it, you need to create a class that inherits from MvcOutputCacheAttribute. Take a look at the following example: public class VaryByBrowser : Verndale.OutputCache.Attributes.MvcOutputCacheAttribute { protected …

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